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Friday, September 08, 2006 20:18:58 -0400

As of Friday, September 08, 2006 20:18:58 -0400 this is what we have on this specific dream drawing prediction.  If your able to help provide proof or information on this specific drawing, please click here to send me an email. You will receive full credit for your find, to include reward monies.  Please include the exact date of the dream and the DD number.  And again, thank you for your time, its very much appreciated.




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No memory...have grouped these three drawings together because all have the word 'IBM' on them.


Hi, thanks for this, will post it.

for you number  760-255-8687 that was in the third drawing

Hi, thanks, this is what I found there:

Deep Space NetworkDSN Antenna
DSN Brochure
Image Tutorial
How a Real DSN Station Is Built

Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex Tours

Goldstone Antenna
Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex is located about 35 miles north of Barstow on the Ft. Irwin Military Base. Our tour begins at the Goldstone museum where three large areas are dedicated to current missions, past missions, and Deep Space Network history - plus there is a hands-on room for children. The guided tour then travels around the 53-square-mile complex to view the large antennas. All tours must be scheduled in advance.

For further information, or to book a tour, contact:
Marie Massey at 760-255-8687 or Karla Warner at 760-255-8688 or by e-mail at
Mmassey[at] or Kwarner[at]

Please note: To enter Fort Irwin, you will need a valid driverís license, vehicle registration and current proof of insurance. All adults on the tour must carry a current photo ID.

Directions to Goldstone:
Take the I-15 north towards Las Vegas, exit at Ft. Irwin Road. At the stop sign turn left. Travel approximately 30 miles to the Ft. Irwin visitorís center. At the visitorís center you will be asked to show all the required paperwork to receive a day pass for the base. After proceeding through the military guard gate, turn left at the yellow flashing light onto NASA Rd. Travel approximately 3-4 miles to the Goldstone guard gate. The same paperwork will once again be required to receive a Goldstone day pass.

This is an escorted tour, and you will be following your guide in your own vehicle as we travel around the complex. There is no charge for the Goldstone tour.

Mars Exploration Rover
DSN Team Logo
Goldstone is operated by ITT Industries,
Systems Division under contract to NASA/JPL

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology


I have been researching these three drawings and here is what I found so far.
There is a phone number in the last drawing 760-255-8687. Here is the link for that number. It is for NASA


Hi, thanks, posted.



Resource Detail

A266. Goldstone Communications Complex: Student Tours
Description:Student tours of Goldstone, NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN) site in California's Mojave Desert, include visits to three or four of the huge antennas that track spacecraft exploring our Solar System. Students go inside the pedestal of the 70-meter antenna and spend time in the museum where they are shown videos and see models and displays of missions currently being tracked, as well as historic missions that are communicated through the DSN. Since Goldstone is a large complex in the desert, students are given an explanation of the desert environment and local wildlife.
Lead:Ms. Marie Massey, Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, Fort Irwin, CA 92310. E-mail: Phone: 760-255-8687.
Primary URL:
Secondary URL:
Scientist(s):Ms. Marie Massey, Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, Fort Irwin, CA

Now the name Tom Paine that comes up in the second drawing. He has a website and here is the link.
Also the name David Williams came up in drawing number 3. When researching him I found he is an Astronaut. Here is the info I found for him.
 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
Houston, Texas 77058

Biographical Data

Dafydd (Dave) Rhys Williams (M.D.)
ASTRONAUT, Canadian Space Agency
PERSONAL DATA: Born May 16, 1954, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Dave Williams is married and has two children. He enjoys flying, scuba diving, hiking, sailing, kayaking, canoeing, downhill and cross-country skiing.
EDUCATION: Attended high school in Beaconsfield, Quebec. Graduated from McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, with a Bachelor of Science, Major in Biology (1976). Obtained a Master of Science from the Physiology Department, a Doctorate of Medicine and a Master of Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University, (1983). Completed a residency in Family Practice in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ottawa, (1985). Obtained a fellowship in emergency medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, following completion of a residency in emergency medicine at the University of Toronto (1988). He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and the College of Family Physicians of Canada.
AFFILIATIONS: Member of the College of Physicians of Ontario, the Ontario Medical Association, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Society and the Aerospace Medical Association. Past affiliations include the Society for Neuroscience, the New York Academy of Science and the Montreal Physiological Society.
SPECIAL HONORS: Awarded the Commonwealth Certificate of Thanks (1973) and the Commonwealth Recognition Award (1975) for his contribution to the Royal Life Saving Society of Canada. Academic awards include the A.S. Hill Bursary, McGill University (1980); Walter Hoare Bursary, McGill University (1981); J.W. McConnell Award, McGill University (1981-1983). Faculty Scholar (1982) and University Scholar (1983), Faculty of Medicine, McGill University. Psychiatry Prize, Wood Gold Medal, and Dean's Honour List - Physiology Department, McGill University, for postgraduate research (1983). Second prize (1986, 1987, 1988) for participation in the University of Toronto Emergency Medicine Research Papers Program. NASA Spaceflight Medal (1998); Melbourne W. Boynton Award, American Astronautical Society (1999); Ramon y Cajal Institute of Neurobiology, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) Bronze Medal for contribution to neuroscience during Mission STS-90 (1999); Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (2000); NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal (2002); Patron of the International Life Saving Federation (2002); Spokesperson for the Life Saving Society Canada and Honorary Ambassador of the SmartRisk Foundation; NASA JSC Space and Life Sciences Directorate Special Professional Achievement Award (2003) for the implementation of the Automatic External Defibrillator Program that has saved several lives at the NASA Johnson Space Center; Honorary Doctor of Laws, University of Saskatchewan (2004); appointed to the Canadian Commission for Antarctic Research; astronaut representative to the CSA Operational Space Medicine Advisory Panel.
EXPERIENCE: Dave Williams pursued postgraduate studies in advanced invertebrate physiology at the Friday Harbour Laboratories at the University of Washington, Seattle, but his interests shifted to vertebrate neurophysiology when, for his Master's thesis, he became involved in basic science research on how adrenal steroid hormones modify the regulation of sleep-wake cycles. While working in the Neurophysiological Laboratories at the Allan Memorial Institute for Psychiatry, Williams assisted in clinical studies of slow wave potentials within the central nervous system.
His clinical research in emergency medicine has included studies evaluating the initial training and skill retention of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills, patient survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, the early identification of trauma patients at high risk, and the efficacy of tetanus immunization in the elderly.
In 1988 Williams became an emergency physician with the Department of Emergency Services at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre, while also lecturing with the Department of Surgery at the University of Toronto. He served as a member of the Air Ambulance Utilization Committee with the Ministry of Health in Ontario, both as an academic emergency physician and later as a representative of community emergency physicians. In addition, he has trained basic ambulance attendants, paramedics, nurses, residents, and practising physicians in cardiac and trauma resuscitation with both the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation and the American College of Surgeons.
From 1989 to 1990 Williams served as an emergency physician with the Emergency Associates of Kitchener, Waterloo and as the medical director of the Westmount Urgent Care Clinic. In 1990, he returned to Sunnybrook as medical director of the Advanced Cardiac Life Support Program and also as the coordinator of postgraduate training in emergency medicine. Subsequently, Williams became the director of the Department of Emergency Services at Sunnybrook Health Science Centre and assistant professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto. He is currently an adjunct professor of Surgery at the University of Toronto and McGill University.
In June 1992 the Canadian Space Agency selected Williams as one of four successful candidates from a field of 5330 applicants to begin astronaut training. He completed basic training, and in May 1993, was appointed manager of the Missions and Space Medicine Group within the Canadian Astronaut Program. His assignments included supervising the implementation of operational space medicine activities for the Canadian Astronaut Program Space Unit Life Simulation (CAPSULS) Project. During this seven-day simulated space mission, which was conducted at the Defence R&D Canada - Toronto (Formerly DCIEM), Williams was the principal investigator of a study to evaluate the initial training and retention of resuscitation skills by non-medical astronauts. He was also one of the crew members and the crew medical officer.
In January 1995 Williams was selected to join the international class of NASA mission specialist astronaut candidates. He reported to the Johnson Space Center (JSC) in March 1995 for a year of training and evaluation. Following his successful completion of this training in May 1996, he was assigned to the Payloads and Habitability Branch of the NASA Astronaut Office. As a representative of the Office, he participated in the JSC Institutional Review Board and Science Merit Review Committee, the Independent Advisory Team for the International Space Station Crew Health Care System (CHeCs), the JSC Radiation Constraints Panel and was involved in the development of the Human Research Facility.
In April 1998 Dave Williams participated in STS-90 as Mission Specialist 3 aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. During the 16-day flight, called Neurolab, the seven-person crew served as both experiment subjects and operators for 26 individual life science experiments. These experiments, dedicated to the advancement of neuroscience research, focused on the effects of microgravity on the brain and the nervous system. Williams also functioned as the crew medical officer, the flight engineer during the ascent phase, and was trained to perform contingency spacewalks. Columbia orbited the Earth 256 times, covered over 10 million kilometers and spent over 381 hours in space.
From July 1998 until September 2002, Dave Williams held the position of Director of the Space and Life Sciences Directorate at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. With this appointment, he became the first non-American to hold a senior management position within NASA. He concurrently held a six month position as the first Deputy Associate Administrator for Crew Health and Safety in the Office of Spaceflight at NASA Headquarters in 2001.
In addition to these assignments, Dave Williams continued to take part in astronaut training to maintain and further develop his skills. In October 2001, he became an aquanaut through his participation in the joint NASA-NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) NEEMO 1 mission, a training exercise held in Aquarius, the world's only underwater research laboratory. During this seven-day exercise, Williams became the first Canadian to have lived and worked in space and in the ocean.
Dave Williams is currently training to participate in his second spaceflight, Mission STS-118 / 13A.1. During the 11-day mission to add a truss segment and relocate solar arrays on the International Space Station, Dave Williams will perform three spacewalks.
Also researching the S360 Machine it was a laptop made by sony. Not sure if that fits with the above information.
The date in drawing 2 is May 29 1917 it is the birthdate of JFK.
I will continue to research these drawings and will send more info as I find it.


I found this, it refers to the IBM S1360 as a mainframe and interestingly enough, the article is about securing computer systems related to airline security in underground bunkers, predominately for anti-terrorist reasons.
The SSEC could refer to
IBM's Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC),
"The Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator (SSEC) was the first machine to combine electronic computation with a stored program, and the first machine capable of operating on its own instructions as data. When placed in operation in 1948, and for some time thereafter, it was the most flexible and powerful computer in existence. IBM published relatively little about it, and the SSEC has been largely overlooked by computer historians. This paper provides a historical setting for the SSEC. "
SSEC also stands for a number of other groups as well, Space Science and Engineering Centre for example. But the above seems logical since it is contexualised with IBM.
Drawing from other information on the dream:
- who is tom paine (thomas paine?), someone who has access to President Bush. Thomas Paine is an historical & revolutionary figure in American history and a writer of many manuscripts. I would not be suprised if "tom paine" is a code name. Seems Tom Paine wanted to go public, "manuscript destroyed".
- "IBM is the key"
- there is a cover-up
- what is the significance of the code 11001100111? and the other numbers?
- "S1360 machine destroyed to hide the truth" 
- Seems like there was a film, tapes, file box 13, 9 track tapes
- 9 track tapes were used as data storage devices in IBM mainframes from the 70's through to the 90's "9-track tapes were used on almost every kind of minicomputer and mainframe throughout the 1970s and 80s and well into the 1990s for backup, data archiving, and data interchange."
So in summary, there seems to be a coverup related to data and an IBM mainframe but the age of this equipment seems to suggests the problem precedes President George W Bush's term of office (but not his dad's? - which president Bush is not made clear in the dream).


Hi, thanks for researching this, will post it.



I'd prefer to not have my name or email address published on your site, but I thought you might be interested in the following. I'm an IT professional by trade. I'm surprised no one commented upon the series of 0's and 1's in the first drawing. To my geek mind, they look like binary code.
So I said to myself, "Self, let's play a bit". Rule 1, nothing illegal. Rule 2, nothing that anyone else in the world can't find or do. Rule 3, stay open minded but skeptical. Rule 4, expect nothing.
I wrote Brian's numbers: 11001100111 0/1 (not sure if that last digit is a 0 or 1) on a sheet of paper. I got both IBM's and public NASA's IP addresses to their websites ( & Ran it through a simple calculator and blindly wrote the binary numbers under Brian's. IBM didn't match Brian's numbers at all. Imagine my surprise when the first binary 11 binary characters of NASA's public IP address looked strikingly similar to Brian's. If Brian would have added another 0 in the 5th "slot", it would have been an exact match.
Brian's 11 numbers:                       11001100111
NASA's first 11 numbers:                11000110011


Hi, wow, trust me I did not know this, I do know that binary code it what computers use, but did not think it was an IP address, and I can see why not too many other people would either...any suggestion to it's meaning?



Brian, you wrote: "Hi, wow, trust me I did not know this, I do know that binary code it what computers use, but did not think it was an IP address, and I can see why not too many other people would either...any suggestion to it's meaning?"
Woah. This response is longer than I intended, so feel free to edit if you need to.
I hope you're not offended if I speak in very basic language here. I'm not sure how comfortable you are regarding info tech and I don't want to sound overly geeky or arrogant. I also want to describe what I did so you know I haven't done anything illegal or immoral. I'll explain it in such a way that you can duplicate what I did on your own. As an information technology professional, I spend my days combating computer crime in its many forms, from viruses to spam. I can't stress how much I despise computer crime and those who perpetrate it.
Simplistically speaking, most every thing a computer processes can be broken down into binary, the most basic language we know. It is a Base 2 mathematical system. On & Off. Zeros and Ones.
The number I converted was an IP, or Internet Protocol, address. IP is the basic "language" of the Internet, and what all your browsers, web sites/servers, and just about every general piece of software understands. For those who aren't familiar with IP addresses, it is: "a unique number that devices use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP)." ( Every website, including yours Brian, has its unique IP address. Even when browsing the web, if I wanted to go to, I could also type into the address field: and get the same site. Basically the word "" is just an alias to keep us humans happy. Computers don't really care about the name...they resolve it to the number and go from there. Imagine if you had to remember the IP addresses of all your favorite sites! I know I couldn't keep all that straight! It's much easier to remember "" than!
Every Windows operating system can resolve addresses very easily through a command called ping. Pinging is nothing more than your computer sending out a hello to another computer and seeing if you get a reply. There is no hacking, no infiltrating at all. It is helpful for computer dorks like me to be able to see how long it took to get to another site (too long = a server could be down or your hardware is on the fritz). Macs can do this too, but that's a whole different ballpark! I'll just tell you how to do it on a PC, since that is what the majority of people have. If you want to know the IP address of your favorite site, select the Start button on the lower left corner of your desktop. You can also hit the windows button next to your Alt key. Choose "Run" (it's probably the bottom right option). In the run field type cmd. This will bring up a little black window that looks an awful lot like the old DOS days! In fact, it's Windows' DOS emulator. At the cursor, type ping and the website you want to access. It will look like this:
And then hit enter. The first line is the important one for this exercise, as it will tell you in brackets what the IP Address of the site is. An IP address is always in the format of XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX - these are called octets, and there are 4 of them in an IP address (see...4 groups of 3 digits). If your ping results show you only 2 digits between periods, it simply means that the zero has been omitted. The full address of is Take this number and it's time to convert it to binary. There are a bunch of mathematical computations and stuff you can learn in order to do this manually. Blech. You also know how to multiply 4548378 by 9002858, but wouldn't you rather use a calculator?
I used the following website to do my IP address converting:  All you have to do is put in the IP address into the IP Address field - remember, it's 4 sets of 3 digits. Then select the center button which says "Calculate". The results will populate into the fields below.
As to how to interpret my findings?
Well, let me say that while I don't have your gift in dreams, I am a relatively accomplished psychic in my own right for the last 30 years and have been teaching divination and the like for the past 10 years with clients all over the United States. How I got caught up in computers is beyond me! <laugh> I studied your papers to see what I could find. Being that we live in a digitized world nowadays, I'm not surprised to be able to connect what you dreamt with current technology.
When I read your dream writing, Brian, that series of 0's and 1's jumped out at me as if they were binary code - like our IP addresses, they were an address of sorts where to begin. I saw that there were 2 important entities mentioned: IBM and NASA. I pinged both and to get their IP addresses & then converted them to 32 bit binary. Like my original message said, IBM's binary numbers were a dud, but NASA was really close. Note that the SSEC is a space organization as well. I feel IBM is tangentally involved. The binary numbers were on a page that said 'The secret to be made public' and 'machine was destroyed to hide the truth'. My gut says that the "machine" contains the secret that was going to be leaked either by a whistleblower or a hacker who stumbled onto something big. I'll bet the secret gets caught in time before it is disseminated to the public. This machine, then, will be 'wiped' as they say in the government, whereby the hard drive is overwritten by 1's and 0's several times to ensure that any data cannot be recovered. Perhaps some of the words on the pages might be passwords or code words for the project?
There is a notation of SI360. Could this connect IBM? I'm thinking there's a good chance. There are 2 products that match. The first one is a mainframe, possibly used in such an environment, and it is the System/360, or S/360 (the 1 could well be a slash). Problem is, this thing came out in 1968, so it would date the "secret". moon landing was in 1969, and the space race was very much in full steam around '68, so maybe it sets a time frame. The other item is the IBM Total Storage Model 360 tape library. A tape library consists of digital tapes that hold gigs worth of data for remote storage and disaster recovery. Remember they had to destroy the machine perhaps because of secrets? Well, where do machines (i.e., computers) hold their "secrets"? Hard drives and data storage. There are a lot of the words "track" on your pages, and tracks can refer to sections of magnetic drives, such as a hard drive. Film, tapes and file box 13. It could be a notation as to the location of the data. When you ship out your magnetic tapes to a remote location, they are often filed by box number, tape number, track number.
Beautiful_beautiful. Either a code name OR what the person said when they saw this secret originally. I'm thinking it refers to something we found in space and haven't told the public yet. Not sure if this is an organic thing, though I'm not a big Roswell conspiracy advocate, or if it's some technology we received that was worked on or something.
My guess? The machine was made by IBM and IBM was involved in this - when they create an enterprise system for a large customer like NASA, they have dedicated personnel to manage and be on call for them. They know about the secret...perhaps some poor geek working on the mainframe accidentally stumbled onto the secret? The machines are at NASA, and the secret has something to do with a collaboration between NASA and SSEC, perhaps from 40 years ago that would change everything as we know it - after all, why else inform the president?
Sorry for the length of this, but I felt it deserved the depth.


Hi, know you're not offending me, I basically understand how IP and Name severs work, as far as the history of computers, IBM and NASA, no.  Not really sure what this dream was about, possibly the missions to the moon, however not really sure.

Thanks for reading.






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