NON-ENGLISH DREAMSMany of my dreams are a mystery to me, some are even in foreign languages that I do not speak or write. Most of these dreams I usually have no memory of the recording and any help you can give would be appreciated.
MEDICAL CURESDream cures for hundreds of medical issues that have proven to work...since 2005. (login required)
STOCK MARKETDaily (or almost) posting of stocks from the $00 .001 range or lower that will reach trading levels of $100.00 a share or more. withing the next 30 days guaranteed (login to view)
OTHER PEOPLEOther Psychic, member's dream journals and much more to come. (login to access)
REMOTE VIEWINGPublic requests for issues not related to missing persons. (login to access)
MISCELLANEOUSRandom events and dreams that maybe offensive to some are here. (log in to view)
REAL SECRETSThe absolute secret to everything...really! I've been working on this since I left the US Army in 2000 and I'm now ready to share what I have with you.
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INVENTIONSOver 200 invention dreams since 2000, members can use these dream drawings anyway they wish. (login required)

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