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5 Dec 2021 8 Alexa hack, in 3 days Russia controls over 2 million ring and chime doorbell came and outlets?  I don't think these companies know what's going to happen.   This will be a massive black operation allowing Russia to remotely lock and 5653 May 24 2014 1 - 'bob' Robert Parsons Wins 120 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Government for Wiretapping H... 5552 March 29 2014 2 - A Good Dream, Surprisingly... 5659 May 27 2014 2 - Lottery Numbers for June of 2014 (Page 2)... 30 Nov 2021 3 The sun, the sun, watch... 30 Nov 2021 4  Comet Leonard, breaks apart?  this is contact - they can move whole planets - this is some type of probe... 2015 Tianjin Explosions Of Briansprediction 2 - 2015 Tianjin Explosions, the Exact Phone Number, Location and Much More ... 2015 Tianjin Explosions Of Briansprediction Com 6775 10 August 2015 3 - 2015 Tianjin Explosions, the Exact Phone Number,... 487 - 15  Mar 2016 1   Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer.  For more on this dream, log in or register at  https://bri... 5601 May 1 2014 1 - All I Can Read Is Dog Help Me... Gold Locations Psychic Brian Ladd - Healing Cures Brian Ladd   Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer.  For more on this d... 1 Dec 2021 1 Canada 6/49 pattern for this month, December. 2015 Tianjin Explosions Of Briansprediction - 2015 Tianjin Explosions, the Exact Phone Number, Location and Much More Ma... 2015 Tianjin Explosions Of Briansprediction Com 6777 11 August 2015 2 - 2015 Tianjin Explosions, the Exact Phone Number,... 29 Nov 2021 1  Watch, in order, trust 9876 1132  upcoming lottery pattern (assuming Deceber 2021) 30 Nov 2021 1 If you're from Canada and play the lottery, look for the numbers 333 in December of this year, 333 is important... 487 - 7  Mar 2016 2   Dream by Brian Ladd, Psychic Dreamer.  For more on this dream, log in or register at  https://bria... 4 Oct 2021 1 December 24th winning USA MegaMillions lottery numbers from Jesus?  numbers are 8 29 13 18 28  and the bonus is 18 - If you win, suggest some of your winnings go to a church of your choosing even if you don't believe in Jesus, like me. April 27 2013 2 - May 17 2013 Breaking News Beach Arm  ... 11 Nov 2021 3  lottery play now... Michael Vaughan Missing Boy From Fruitland Found In The Same Place He Went On July 3Rd Rso Canal 4 Rso By The Pool Arres... 2 Oct 2021 4 Winning US Powerball and MegaMillions lottery numbers, soon within weeks! From 2 Dds Dated 6 16 21 Missing Girl Summer Wells Located Police Are Withholding The Text And Phone Call He Did Not Tak... Gabby Petito still had this in her pocket - Brian is here - look again? not what they think - Brian Laundrie located - breaking bad tv show? did go to burning man 2021 - Kylen Schulte and Ellenorah Ethe remains located outside dougway - WeatherBug camera  Missing Girl Summer Wells Located Police Are Withholding The Text And Phone Call He Did Not Take Her Someth... Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident Don Did Not Do This Remains Fo... Summer Wells located, washing hands...127 feet south of home, look again... 23 Nov 2021 3 777 and only 777, numbers, USA Powerball December 2021... 3 Dec 2021 2  Stock picks for December to make you rich, I hope... 3 Dec 2021 4  SHIBA INU - basically it goes from zero to 37K USD per coin? 
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This special blend of Organic Lions Mane mushroom extract, organic Reishi Mushroom powder, Chaga powder, and organic Turkey Tail mushroom extract have been taken directly from several dreams I have had during the past several years.  Play album slideshow


Misc dream drawings and more  Play album slideshow


10-9-21 I taught my cat to roll over  Play album slideshow


A bird bit me on my daily jog  Play album slideshow


Public Lottery Picks for September 2021  Play album slideshow


Gold Maps - exact locations where you can find real gold. All maps use information from my dreams and map dousing  Play album slideshow


NEW! Free lottery picks by mail, I will personally fill out your blank lottery sheet and mail it back to you for free, postage is included!  Play album slideshow


Miracle Seeds 2021 - get your life-changing free seeds here.  Play album slideshow


8 hours of personal subliminal affirmations from my dreams, voiced by me, are designed to improve every element of your life. Download them now and wake up a new person...guaranteed to work!  Play album slideshow


10 4 20 This is important and it's totally free and harmless to try - print this dream drawing - fold it in half and place inside your pillowcase - forgot about it for one week  Play album slideshow


8/31/2020 I'm staying in the hospital for 2 days, I have my phone with me my aortic aneurysm is getting bigger, that's not a good thing Will still be posting dreams and doing other work  Play album slideshow


I found the cat in the poster I called the numbers but it was disconnected  Play album slideshow


Well I MADE Jacob get out the house, today this is his first time out since the quarantine my wife and I took him to the beach while the other three stayed home and played video games Look how thrilled he is to finally get outside and see the ocean  Play album slideshow


March 27th 2020 I will be gone for a little while will be back soon, I'll try my best to complete readings requests and posting my nightly dreams Please STAY HOME - AND LOVE EACH OTHER  Play album slideshow


March 25th 2020 As of right now, there are supposed to be only 68,960 cases of the coronavirus in the USAthis number has got to be way low!! Our president said this would be over soon well I can't smell a thing right now, and I'm getting a  Play album slideshow

2-8-20 Sadness anyway, today is my birthday  Play album slideshow


August 10th, 2019 These are our newest family members :)  Play album slideshow



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