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13 Oct 2021 4 Courtney Bryan missing woman located here - he took her car to Weaverville ground was on fire - Deadlun campground (real place) numbers - love - her legs hurt...0 views today
13 Oct 2021 3 Can you feel the change about to come? Someone is controlling this, have you noticed that your wifi keeps going out, vivid dreams in color, headaches, loss of hunger, food that tastes bland...0 views today
14 Oct 2021 4 Brian Laundrie - breaking news - October 15th this is where he was - proof - I think this is a phone number - under fingernail golden teachers?0 views today
14 Oct 2021 5 3 new lava vents open up ahead of the La Palma Volcano blows apart, this will happen soon, months before the collapse and mega tsunami.0 views today
14 Oct 2021 2 Here...1 views today
14 Oct 2021 1 Southwest USA rivers overflow Nortwast USA major snowstorm...1 views today
14 Oct 2021 3 Cap, he has a cap with a W on it...1 views today
13 Oct 2021 1 Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer page 54 he only had 2 books ploce have the 3rd - numbers - the lighthouse hiding in plain site area x is the lighthouse - look at the pages this is where Brian Laundrie is and has always been Martin Jarrie 5 views today
13 Oct 2021 2 October 15th 2021 Brian Laundrie - breaking news...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 1 Rush Limbaugh dies at 3:07 AM...1 views today
12 Oct 2021 2 Yick Cheong Building fire, they did it on purpose...1 views today
12 Oct 2021 3 Upcoming Java Earthquake and Tsunami...3 views today
12 Oct 2021 4 San Jacinto fault...0 views today
12 Oct 2021 6 Charles Vallow, breaking news, 3 additional murders were committed by Tylee Ryan, not what they think, numbers, bodies buried here at the San Tan Mountain Regional Park...1 views today
12 Oct 2021 5 San Jacinto fault...1 views today
12 Oct 2021 7 Brian Laundrie, tent located under here, this is at Brian's parent's house...2 views today
11 Oct 2021 2 6 more days...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 1 Luke 21:25 wave hits the US coast on December 21 at 1:06 AM numbers (not sure what time zone, this is about the La Palma mega tsunami in a few days an earthquake will loosen the landmass that will slide into the ocean on December 21st...0 views today
11 Oct 2021 3 Building falls...3 views today
11 Oct 2021 4 21 days, numbers, Edgar Cayce not sure...1 views today
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