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8 Oct 2021 1 The weight of an electron is always the same, this is because there is only one electron in the universe just like there is only one god. The human brain is getting ready to realize that God is everywhere - too much math is making something.1 views today
8 Oct 2021 2 An awful event is about to happen, something to do with tree trimming and high voltage powerline...a preventable accident...0 views today
8 Oct 2021 3 An accident, no memory of this...1 views today
8 Oct 2021 4 The reason why maternal mothers know when their child is in danger is electricity. During pregnancy, the baby gives a special type of stem cells to the mother, this type of stem cell is related to mycelium, the internet of the plant world...1 views today
8 Oct 2021 5 Numbers, no memory of this...1 views today
7 Oct 2021 1 5 more days...1 views today
7 Oct 2021 2 No clue...3 views today
7 Oct 2021 3 Water is too strong, if I take the boat I will die - I remember seeing the water to my right start to swirl...1 views today
I taught my cat to roll over...1 views today
6 Oct 2021 2 8175572277 - 777 = 888 Gods number is real trust in Jesus- look at is Minecraft world - he friend is going to copy ?0 views today
6 Oct 2021 3 Circles and numbers...0 views today
6 Oct 2021 4 Print and share this dream sketch, it's supposed to fill your life with love and joy and make you more attractive to others, sort of like a love potion....3 views today
6 Oct 2021 5 Help...1 views today
6 Oct 2021 7 School shooting while playing red light green light, numbers...3 views today
6 Oct 2021 8 Brian Laundries current location on 10-6-21 I can still see the lighthouse this is where he has been for some time he is under here - see map...1 views today
6 Oct 2021 6 She loves you...2 views today
6 Oct 2021 1 Dog finds Brian Laundrie, lighthouse missing light - look again - not le tip number - assuming this is Dog the bounty hunter - I hope he does find him, and soon...2 views today
5 Oct 2021 1 Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - this is his IP address (I will note the IP address to this specific page and most a live map in the case file)1 views today
5 Oct 2021 2 Hidden here, not sure what is hidden here...2 views today
5 Oct 2021 3 Brian Laundrie - can see this (this dream from last night is useless and I will not add it to the case file)1 views today
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