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28 Nov 2021 6 This fire on December 1st, 2021 was, or will be arson, and these numbers will prove it..0 views today
28 Nov 2021 1 The exact location where Jackie Gleason hid his box of secrets he claimed that he was abducted by aliens is proof that this location in California...0 views today
28 Nov 2021 4 666 plague...0 views today
28 Nov 2021 3 Soon the world will see, no idea...0 views today
28 Nov 2021 2 Sandy hook promise arrest and numbers. Russia?0 views today
28 Nov 2021 5 Shooter - number - R S November 30 W Ford, exact same dreams as November 15th and 21st 2021 The 'w ford' might be a white truck the shooter will be driving? not sure...0 views today
26 Nov 2021 1 Enyer Curvelo misssing boy is at circle? brown? lake? (request, lucid, 11-26-21)0 views today
25 Nov 2021 1 Can smell the burning, check, the wires are hot, the home will burn (please check now)0 views today
25 Nov 2021 2 SpaceX Accident...0 views today
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