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Gaetano "Thomas" Privitera he is not alive, he was in the water too long, she did this to him, his body is buried, numbers.0 views today
15 August 2022 1 This is a healing dream, print this image and keep it close at night for 10 days. It's supposed to heal 'illness'0 views today
14 August 2022 1 missing man found, phone number, harquahala ghost town, under burned stones? cop kills numbers...0 views today
14 August 2022 2 Pay attention to these numbers...0 views today
13 August 2022 1 Missing man Daniel Robinson found, not what they think, the police officer made a mistake, it was an accident, not hate. body cam footage was hidden go to? now, he is still there...0 views today
13 August 2022 4 She is going to kill her child not missing, numbers...0 views today
13 August 2022 2 Jennifer, he is still watching you, you can feel his eyes...0 views today
13 August 2022 3 Not sure what lottery, but pay attention to the amount of 9's, and usually high number of nines0 views today
7 August 2022 1 8846096820 home R LAFF ACH - maybe lottery numbers for Australia (sp)0 views today
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