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Roberta Laundrie in the home under the floor - concrete floor - in the cinderblock - police already found this but are not releasing it to the public - wires, and paint? missing phone god - this is related to the Brian Laundrie missing man case0 views today09/22/21 pm30 21:46DramaOnStage: Brian any luck?
Brian L arrested tries to flee - internet stunt - Brian does not know - she knew him - Gabrielle Petito is alive in burning numbers - very unlikely but it would be the best outcome...1 views today09/19/21 am30 03:11USARETSGTMELGIG: I purchased the $99 pkg & not showing me everythin...
15 Sept 2021 2 This is him...0 views today09/16/21 pm30 16:52Melly: This looks like Brian Laundrie, is this dream rela...
10 Sept 2021 3 Britney Spears dies in crash - it was paid murder by this man...0 views today09/14/21 am30 06:54Melly: That looks like her father
6 Sept 2021 4 Names and numbers, in order 1-28 eight seems to be important for some reason, assuming lottery numbers again...0 views today09/13/21 pm30 17:43hermesatar: EuroMillions 10 September 2021 - "1 6 ...
21 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...0 views today08/23/21 pm31 16:21marstrig: Raging tooth pain
This Is A Dream From February 14Th 2018 About An Upcoming Pandemic The Dream Says A New Virus From Wuhan China Kills 623...0 views today08/22/21 am31 06:08Carmella: just checked and it says 644,840 covid deaths to ...
Missing John Stivers found road rage - he took the body - tire marks - police have this but are making it public playground Lake Tulloch Dam..0 views today08/17/21 pm31 19:27Lv: Is it possible to get more pictures or more uncens...
8 August 2021 3 Not sure what this is...0 views today08/10/21 pm31 17:13jinjo39: Looks like a wormhole.
3 August 2021 4 Look for this to show up in your life?0 views today08/06/21 am31 03:08jinjo39: The night before you posted this picture, I was go...
13767 5 October 2020 3 - The Death Of Eddie Van Halen - He Dies On October 25th 2020 This Dreams From Just 24 Hours Earl...0 views today08/05/21 am31 11:47Carmella: where does it mention Eddie in this dream?
9995 14 February 2018 3 0 - This Is a Dream From February 14th 2018 About an Upcoming Pandemic - the Dream Says a New Vi...0 views today08/05/21 am31 11:43Carmella: we have already exceeded this 623733# as of8/21. t...
29 July 2021 5 Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judges 14:7 9 Brian Jesus Is Real For Me I Think - Aug? July 31 5206823035 Judg...0 views today07/31/21 pm31 17:35brianjuly21: St. İstopher Catholic Church Arizona,Marana, Catho...
Leah Conner Missing Teen Found He Did This Not Suicide Something About A Note Avoca Market The Car Has Proof Mill Creek ...0 views today07/30/21 pm31 19:49[email protected]: Can u show me what the whole dream drawing says by...
14567 5 March 2021 2 - Missing Teen Leah Conner Missing Found - Unfortunately This Dream Was Correct But I Hope This Dre...1 views today07/20/21 pm31 14:05[email protected]: Hi, I’m trying to open this for more detail but it...
In The Human Body We Have Iron Which Is Magnetic When We Sleep Our Body Needs To Talk To God God Is Magnetic And Thus Ca...0 views today07/12/21 pm31 16:50DramaOnStage: Awesome
18 June 2021 5 Summer Wells Found Shoes Her Shoes Will Be Used In Court To Prove This Is Not An Accident - Summer Wells...0 views today07/12/21 pm31 16:41DramaOnStage: I don't understand how to use this site
11449 13 December 2018 2 - Winning Lottery Numbers For The Rest Of December For The Mega Millions Or The Us Power-Ball L...3 views today07/11/21 pm31 16:29brianjuly21: this one has 2 winners!!
Summer Wells Found Arrest Made This Is Her She Keeps Washing Her Hands Cctv Look At What She Bought - Summer Wells foun...0 views today07/10/21 pm31 19:09DramaOnStage: The bathtub? Was this a drowning there at home?
Summer Wells Mother Arrested For Murder Cant Breathe Other Bad Things Look Again - Summer Wells mother arrested for mur...1 views today07/10/21 pm31 19:07DramaOnStage: This is making so much more sense than anything el...
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