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Dream number 13374 24 July 2020 5 psychic prediction33 views todayEuro-jackpot 431173212 bonus 24 st dl bl.
Dream number 13390 29 July 2020 2 psychic prediction18 views todayMay 23, 2020 CHAFFEE COUNTY, Colo. — Despite rumors circulating online, the Chaffee County Sheriff's Office confirmed Friday afternoon that Suzanne Morphew, a missing woman from the county, has not been located and there have been no arrests in connection to her disappearance. The Chaffee County sheriff made this announcement at 5:08 p.m. Friday, specifically confirming that "in response to widespread rumors" Suzanne hadn't been found. Suzanne, 49, has been missing since May 10, which was Mother’s Day, from the Maysville area in Chaffee County. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have joined search and investigation efforts. That day, a neighbor called 911 to report that she had gone for a bike ride and never returned that day. On May 15, Chaffee County Sheriff John Spezze said investigators had discovered an item on May 14 that could belong to Suzanne while searching the area west of County Road 225 and U.S. Highway 50 outside of Maysville. Check here for updates from the Chaffee County Missing Persons Primary Fields Case status: Active Missing Since: 05/10/2020 City: Salida State: CO Country: USA County: Chaffee Source of record: News Media Race: White
Dream number 13247 2 July 2020 6 psychic prediction2 views todayUpcoming helicopter crash.
Dream number 13246 2 July 2020 5 psychic prediction2 views today8 days until the quake, cold water.
Dream number 13329 18 July 2020 6 psychic prediction2 views todaySpring turns dry at Jack Daniels distillery, after Tennessee earthquake, the fire happens at before this event, and that will be arson.
Dream number 13239 1 July 2020 1 psychic prediction1 views todayShe knows where the child is, I want to street this has not happened yet and she is a mother no one knows yet.
Dream number 13268 6 July 2020 5 psychic prediction1 views todayTiger Woods dies of COVid-19, he has had it before, the second time kills him, there is where he gets it the second time I think.
Dream number 13282 8 July 2020 7 psychic prediction1 views todayMajor Solar event about to happen, no the sun will not explode.
Dream number 13284 9 July 2020 1 psychic prediction1 views todayNaya Rivera, missing woman found at lake bottom, exact location per 2 dd dated July 9th of 2020, here is the exact grid using map dowsing and seems to be in the area she was reported missing.


MP case opened and is located at


Other details from dd

hit head here, she thought she was ok, no struggle, just passed out, RX was three times normal level, she did not know, he gave it to her 3 hours ago, this is him, numbers, not suicide, not an accident, passed out due to overdose found July 19? The man in the DD gave her a very common Rx drug and it made her pass out, I don't think she even knew that she passed over.


On July 8, 2020, Rivera was declared a missing person after her four-year-old son, Josey, was found alone in Rivera's rented boat at Lake Piru. The search for both Rivera and Josey had begun at 4:00 pm PDT, three hours after they left the dock when their rental was over. Another boater discovered Josey alone, asleep on the boat with his life jacket on, at around 5:00 pm. The boat was in the Narrows, an area at the north of the lake that can be quite deep and windy. An adult life jacket was found on board, along with Rivera's identification. Josey is said to have told investigators that his mother was swimming and could not make it back to the boat. He also stated that his mother was not wearing a life jacket. Lake Piru is known locally for strong, unpredictable currents and whirlpools that have caused the deaths of swimmers in the past. Rivera's vehicle, a black Mercedes G Wagon, was found in the parking lot.
The Ventura County Sheriff's Department suspended the search and rescue operation that evening and resumed again the following day. The lake was closed to the public, with dive teams from across the region taking part in the search. On July 9, the sheriff's department confirmed to NBC that Rivera was presumed dead and that rescue efforts would now shift to recovery efforts.[ Their spokesman stated it may be some time before anybody is found, as poor visibility makes it difficult for search and recovery crews to see more than a foot ahead underwater On July 10, the sheriff's office released CCTV footage of Rivera and her son arriving in the parking lot and leaving the dock on the boat.
Dream number 13313 14 July 2020 2 psychic prediction1 views todayRonnie Busick die before showing them where he hid the hemp paper map? old trailer, phone numbers, missing finger left hand, look under trailer, concrete block

Here are the exact locations for 8 sets of human remains, minus several fingers? many more than the police know about.

This is about the deaths of Danny and Kathy Freeman, Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible, the map shows where LE should look again for these bodies (they were burned several times and wrapped in some sort of hemp material. There is much more to this case that people know about and will be posting more here at

Dream number 13328 18 July 2020 5 psychic prediction1 views todayHelicopter crash in 11 days?
Dream number 13332 18 July 2020 9 psychic prediction1 views todayBeverly Beatty releases financial statement regarding her payment from this offshore account related to the White House and Donald Trumps son? 026007993 8217829833 32432432 can't read the rest.
Dream number 13344 20 July 2020 1 psychic prediction~01 views todayMagnitude 6 quake hits near San Francisco? fault line.
Dream number 13359 22 July 2020 2 psychic prediction1 views todayOlga Ooro, missing woman located wrapped in this? he can't remember, why did he buy that, numbers, fort davis drive in DC, we went by? other details on dd here is a search map (I found a Fort Davis Drive in DC!, see map)

case at

Dream number 13389 29 July 2020 1 psychic prediction1 views todayToday Show stars dies.
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