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5 Oct 2021 4 Mindcraft - numbers - Jesus heals Tibmber - views of Jesus? (too many dreams about Jesus, for someone I don't believe in, sure having a lot of these dreams)34 views today
8 Oct 2021 6 Jared Isaacman killed in upcoming SpaceX accident - numbers - the pressure in tank 73 is wrong - he had the dream - 2nd attempt? 34 views today
All dreams from September 2021 by Psychic Brian Ladd - text only 833 views today
2 Oct 2021 4 Winning US Powerball and MegaMillions lottery numbers, soon within weeks!33 views today
6 Oct 2021 1 Dog finds Brian Laundrie, lighthouse missing light - look again - not le tip number - assuming this is Dog the bounty hunter - I hope he does find him, and soon...33 views today
Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - this is his IP address (I will note the IP address to this specific page and most a live map in the case file)32 views today
13 Oct 2021 2 October 15th 2021 Brian Laundrie - breaking news...32 views today
13 Oct 2021 1 Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer page 54 he only had 2 books ploce have the 3rd - numbers - the lighthouse hiding in plain site area x is the lighthouse - look at the pages this is where Brian Laundrie is and has always been Martin Jarrie 32 views today
4 Oct 2021 4 Missing Woman, this is why...31 views today
5 Oct 2021 3 Brian Laundrie - can see this (this dream from last night is useless and I will not add it to the case file)31 views today
5 Oct 2021 1 Brian Laundrie is reading this right now - this is his IP address (I will note the IP address to this specific page and most a live map in the case file)31 views today
3 Oct 2021 8 l10293848 he is looking for it - ca - not sure...30 views today
6 Oct 2021 7 School shooting while playing red light green light, numbers...30 views today
I can still see the light house, Brian Laudire case 30 views today
Subliminal Session 17 - happiness and love - make every day its best and others will follow 29 views today
Subliminal Session 11 - Good luck and fortune change your brain cells and change your life29 views today
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