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guy-with-grey-black-ufo-tattoo-on-lower-legs10 views today
MISSING TRESVANT DEREK CASE NUMBER 1529010 views todayMissing Person tresvant_derek 2019 case by Psycic Brian Ladd
Dream number 11865 14 May 2019 2 psychic prediction10 views todayNumbers.
Santino William Legan psychic prediction10 views todaySantino William Legan
Dream number 12226 4 October 2019 4 psychic prediction10 views todayMissing Dulce Alavez found here, .1 miles ? from where he took her? age 56 metal object sticking out of the ground.
Dream number 12279 1 November 2019 1 psychic prediction10 views todaystill in love?
Dream number 12489 22 December 2019 1 psychic prediction10 views todayPaighton Lane Houston found, 2056619282, stones.
Dream number 12522 29 December 2019 5 psychic prediction10 views todayHis heart fails, stop tell Jim about death, numbers, valve, death 98

Please stop this... I cannot scream.

I was able to control tonight's schizophrenic episode, this is the only one I was able to record...IMO, even though my schizophrenic episode predictions are ALWAYS come true, its the worst feeling in the panic...but it was nothing like the night before last!!! Brian
adele marie wells 2 missing person case closed 2020 found psychic Brian Ladd10 views todayMissing adele_marie_wells_2_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Yessenia-I -Suarez-2-Missing-Person-Case-Closed-2020-Found-Psychic-Brian-Ladd10 views todayMissing yessenia_i._suarez_2_missing_person_case_closed_2020_found_psychic_Brian_Ladd Date of Birth
case Updates June 2020
Missing woman Heather Teague finally located Dream number 13290 10 July 2020 3 psychic prediction10 views todayMissing woman Heather Teague finally located, white plastic box, 2 feet of wire (the metal wire has nothing to do with her death, just how her remains were located (metal detector)) killer still works there. Reitz High School To save time, the only thing that matters is located, this is it down to the foot.

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case info

Heather Teague

On August 26, 1995, Heather Teague, 23, was reportedly sunbathing on a beach in Henderson County, Kentucky. Directly across the Ohio River in Newburgh, Indiana, a man told police he was looking through a telescope when he witnessed Teague being dragged into the woods at gunpoint by a tall, shirtless man with a beard.

Police reportedly searched the beach where Teague disappeared from, but all they found was a part of the young woman’s swimsuit. A witness reportedly recalled a red Ford Bronco being near the crime scene that day.
Authorities reportedly focused on a Henderson County man named Marty Dill as a suspect. Dill reportedly owned a red Bronco and resembled the sketch of the suspect who allegedly abducted Teague. Also, during a routine traffic stop, police reportedly found guns, knives, rubber gloves, duct tape, rope, and bloodstains in his vehicle. Five days after Teague’s abduction, Dill reportedly died by suicide as police attempted to serve a search warrant on his home. But there was still no sign of Teague.

Teague’s family, especially her mother Sarah, reportedly do not think that Marty Dill was involved. Sarah Teague sued the Kentucky State Police for records related to her daughter's disappearance. A judge reportedly ordered state police to pay nearly $24,000 for withholding records in the case.
Missing Suzanne Morphew found he tried to take to the near old hospital Dream number 13381 26 July 2020 1 psychic prediction10 views todayMissing Suzanne Morphew found he tried to take to the near old hospital? decided a foolproof way to hide her body under broken concrete, police used a dog but he knew that, blue boxes, a broken gate, grass too high? gas cans, oil can? numbers, she had old jewelry and a candle? the construction is still not fixed? look here (police just need to search this area again, here is that location)

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Breasia Terrell found 110 views todayfrom 5 dd's dated 8-11-2020

Breasia Terrell found, same place, numbers, he had a hammer?
The man helping search knew him and know what cell he is in? August 21st, (563) 3239912, 4539435, he was on the phone, he was in jail before, look again, keeps talking about a friend, his name is wrong, not him wrong man, police are wasting time, they are following tips from the wrong man?

Not sure, but id she is alive, she is still in this trailer or room, or near it is she is not alive, I hope I'm wrong about that part.

per dd, this is the location I hope she is not, but there is some sort of item from him there (maybe from another of his victims)
grid 41.580105, -90.531221 in Davenport

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This is the exact location according to this dream for missing mom Holly Suzanne Courtier - using lucid dreaming and map sousing - other info from past dreams remains the same10 views todayThis is the exact location according to this dream for missing mom Holly Suzanne Courtier - using lucid dreaming and map sousing - other info from past dreams remains the same

37.250971, -112.969528

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Stephanie Hollingsworth located - lake Conway - she went to Walmart before she saw him -the reason why police are not looking at CCTV is that officer K is a family friend10 views todayStephanie Hollingsworth located - lake Conway - she went to Walmart before she saw him -the reason why police are not looking at CCTV is that officer K is a family friend - other Walmart - goodwill - off I - 10 - storage unit - alcohol and Rx drugs - blue barrel

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This dream from January 27th 2019 maybe covid related 202 974 3000 who virus Numbers and symbols Dream number 12641 27 January 2020 3 psychic prediction10 views todayThis dream from January 27th 2019 maybe covid related - says Numbers and symbols and the number is the WHO
Dream number 13859 18 October 2020 6 psychic prediction10 views todayStock XYF buy at .32 (32 cents) sell at $167.5 (exactly before it crashes again)
Dream number 13869 20 October 2020 2 psychic prediction10 views todayThe farther away you die from your place of birth the higher your IQ.
716-11-november-2005-prediction-brian-ladd-dream9 views today
July-14-2013-5-dreams-brian-ladd9 views todayaibufeira sol hotel Madeleine McCann is alive, parents jailed as new evidence proves they lied about document not released to press - 39117 Kate did not kill herself - murder
dream prediction number 5690 june 10 2014 3 dreams brian ladd9 views todaydon't let him do this, don't go
dream prediction number 5691 june 11 2014 1 dreams brian ladd9 views todaynew tectonic plate splits gulf of Mexico in two, 6.4 Friday the 13th quake, opposite side of earth pulled ? to rupture Gulf of Mexico plate, September 2014 Florida 23 46 north 92 26 west 10 05 south 159 05 east (this is the Florida Mega Tsunami dream # 5683 from June 6th )
dream prediction number 6195 18 december 2014 2 dreams brian ladd~09 views today3 1 2015 killed by her ex-boyfriend while returning to class
Dream number 8796 30 May 2017 3 by Brian Ladd9 views todayEuro-millions lottery for August and September 2017, pattern x4, the same one from 2015 that ALL FIVE DD's hit ALL NUMBERS, pay attention to this one. - Dream number 8796 30 May 2017 3
warnin2749 views todayMy translation:

She is very much alive and seems to be enjoying herself. She's working at some sort of adult night club with a picture of frogs on the front of it. I'm pretty sure the club is located in Barranquilla, Columbia. The nightclub has many red box-type couches scattered around a very dark room with many mirrors on the walls and metal pipes.

She is living in a small hotel room near by the club with her boyfriend, and the number 162 in on the door. She looks nothing like she did before, her hair is very short, spiked and died black. Her complexion is much darker than it was in the picture above and she has some sort of chain tattoo around her neck. There is no way anyone could recognize her today from her pictures way...this is way she has not been located.

She is hiding many secrets from her family, one about a boy named Ben, and many others she is very scared to tell her parents what she is doing and why. She has planned on doing this for sometime, and her mother knows something about her that she never told the people looking for her .

My recommendation:

Leave her alone, she does not want to be found. Maybe in time she might change her mind, but do not see this happening to after the birth of her son, who is due in July this year.

This would have never happened if Natalee was not ashamed to tell her parents that she was not living up to their expectations, and if her parents would not have let pride interfere with razing her daughter. I can easily tell that she and her parents need to sit down with her and say they are sorry and that they love her, no matter what she does with her life. I also recommend that they submit more photos of their daughter to the media, as the one's above look she applying for a modeling job. Submit everyday pictures of her doing things she loves, also, get on TV and tell her how you really feel, that you love her, and say your proud of her...that's all...she'll come home :)
SARAH STERN MISSING IS ALIVE FVFWA6ZU PSYCHIC BRIAN LADD9 views todayiam McAtasney is likely to stand trial in Sarah Stern's murder in September after his new defense attorney said he doesn't plan to appeal a ruling allowing a jury to view a recording of his client confessing to the crime.

PREVIOUSLY: Judge rules jury can watch Liam McAtasney's videotaped confession

Superior Court Judge Richard W. English ruled late Friday that the videotaped confession can be shown to a jury. The videotape reportedly shows McAtasney telling an acquaintance that he choked the 19-year-old Stern, stole a safe from her Neptune City home and disposed of her body off of the Belmar Bridge in 2016.

McAtasney's defense attorney, Carlos Diaz Cobo, who only recently got into the case, said he won't appeal the judge's ruling.


Timeline of the Sarah Stern case
Court releases Sarah Stern dash cam video, 911 call
'I'm numb.' Sarah Stern's father talks after plea in murder case
'No body' cases can be proved, experts say
Community shocked as Sarah Stern's friends charged in killing
'Massive search' for Neptune City teen
English, at a conference Monday at which he reiterated Friday's ruling, scheduled the next conference in the case for June 18 and announced a potential trial date for the second week of September.

Meanwhile, the victim's father, Michael Stern, who attended the conference, said a small group of family and friends held a memorial atop the Belmar bridge on Saturday to commemorate what would have been Sarah's 21st birthday.

"We just wanted to do something for Sarah's birthday,'' he said after Monday's court proceeding. "We press onward.''

Diaz-Cobo said he plans to review the voluminous evidence in the criminal case with his client and, after that, "we'll make a decision on how we want to go forward.'' He said he expects a trial date of Sept. 10.

Authorities allege that McAtasney, 20, of Neptune City, strangled his former high school classmate in her home on Dec. 2, 2016, stole about $10,000 from her and, with the help of his roommate, Preston Taylor, drove her body to the Belmar bridge and dumped it in the Shark River, leaving her car atop the span to make it look like she committed suicide.

Stern's body has never been recovered.

Stern's disappearance remained a mystery until Anthony Curry, an acquaintance of McAtasney, came forward to authorities in January 2017 and told them of a conversation McAtasney had with him the previous Thanksgiving. Curry told authorities that McAtasney, in the Thanksgiving conversation, outlined a plan to kill Stern, steal some money she recently came into and throw her body off the bridge.

On Jan, 31, 2017, Curry met McAtasney in Bradley Beach and recorded a conversation in which McAtasney reportedly confessed to doing just that.

McAtasney's previous attorneys, Charles Moriarty and Kevin Moriarty, filed motions last year seeking to exclude McAtasney's confession, as well as phone calls and Snapchat and text messages between Curry and McAtasney.

Ruling that the recording and messages could be presented to a jury, English said that McAtasney appeared boastful as he told Curry the story of what happened to Stern.

McAtasney and Taylor, who was Stern's date for the junior prom, were arrested and charged with Stern's murder the day after Curry recorded the confession.

Taylor, 20, of Neptune, has admitted helping McAtasney dispose of the body and has agreed to testify against his former roommate.

English said the next court date in June will be the deadline for McAtasney to take a plea bargain. If he doesn't, a September trial date is likely to be set, the judge said.

McAtasney faces life in prison without the possibility of release on parole if he is convicted of Stern's murder.
Dream number 11184 15 October 2018 3 psychic prediction~09 views today 10.22.2018 MAJOR CASE UPDATE: I HAVE VERY IMPORTANT NEWS ON THIS CASE AND WILL POST IT WHEN IM ABLE TO DO SO at

Not the first fight she had with them, this is him, works at turkey farm, it was not a joke, Minneapolis church

The woman who called in the false siting was trying to keep Kayme from leaving

Amber Alert canceled, Jayme Cross, October 21 (not 100% of what this date is for) media reports are wrong

McDonald close circuit has him on it, Barron WI, go to the trailers, turkey (attached is the area that I believe needs to be searched for clues and more)

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Dream number 11291 5 November 2018 7 psychic prediction9 views todayJapan Lotto 6 winning numbers for November and December 2018
- Dream number 11291 5 November 2018 7
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