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Look again - Brian L is here now...10 views today
Gabby Petito still had this in her pocket - Brian is here - look again? not what they think - Brian Laundrie located - breaking bad tv show? did go to burning man 2021 - Kylen Schulte and Ellenorah Ethe remains located outside dougway - WeatherBug camera 10 views today
Missing girl Cleo Smith located I m not going to translate this as I hope I'm wrong and she is not found here - I will include my map dousing result, this area needs to be searched again,10 views today
In the gloves shirt is still there Michael Vaughan missing boy found (will open a case for Michael tomorrow)10 views today
Missing teen Barbara Sanders located near this in Shelby Forest-Frayser - no gun - she is not with him - numbers...10 views today
Joshua Davis is at Oak Hills park? numbers - worked at usaa...10 views today
Lisa Renee Irwin Missing Dd 1 Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - No No...9 views today
Lisa Renee Irwin Missing Dd 2 Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - 45 4 8 24 27 13?? 3 or 9 Uk Lotto ? Days....9 views today
Gabriel S Johnson Gabriel Scott Johnson - From All 5 Dd'S: 480 345 8686 , Gabriel Is Alive, The Wrong Person, She G...9 views today
Maura Murray Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S: This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From...9 views today
Madeleine Beth Mccann - Madeleine McCann Case Opened 5 1 2018: I Would Like To Take The Credit For info...9 views today
Warnin218 - My Translation: She Is Very Much Alive And Seems To Be Enjoying Herself. She'S Working At Some Sort O...9 views today
Dakota Ray Case Opened 5 11 18 Ladd Dakota Ray Case Opened 5 11 18 Missing Psychic - From All 4 Dd'S: Tent/Tarp Ove...9 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 5B5B39E6E819551Fc5867A3E O F V0 Found Psychic - Can You See the Face of God in the Smoke? - Drea...9 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 180731 Kcci Mollie Tibbetts Missing 06 Found Psychic - On May 22nd, 2017 a Suicide Bombing Was C...9 views today
10884 7 August 2018 2 - A Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Struck 4 Miles West-northwest of Geysers, California at 8:41 on Decem...9 views today
10893 7 August 2018 11 - A Magnitude 5.0 Earthquake Struck 4 Miles West-northwest of Geysers, California at 8:41 on Dece...9 views today
10905 9 August 2018 3 - William Tyrrell Born 26 June 2011is An Australian Boy Who Disappeared At The Age Of 3 From Kenda...9 views today
10925 13 August 2018 3 ~3 - 8.22.2018, I Have Heard the Awful News That Mollie Was Found Dead, Very Sad Situation. I Hav...9 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Newsengin 21286897 Graciebox 002 Sychic Brian Ladd - In August Of 2017, 25-Year-Old Jenna Van Geldere...9 views today
11184 15 October 2018 3 - 10.22.2018 Major Case Update: I Have Very Important News On This Case And Will Post It When Im...9 views today
11182 15 October 2018 1 - 10.22.2018 Major Case Update: I Have Very Important News On This Case And Will Post It When Im...9 views today
Jayme Closs Found 11206 18 October 2018 6 0 - If You Live In The Area Of Rice Lake There May Be Something Import Happeni...9 views today
Jayme Closs Found 11203 18 October 2018 3 0 - If You Live In The Area Of Rice Lake There May Be Something Import Happeni...9 views today
11220 20 October 2018 2 - Connersville, Numbers, Jayme Cross (this Is Important)...9 views today
Missing Woman Sarah Wellgreen 11228 22 October 2018 3 - Missing Woman Sarah Wellgreen Was Taken By This Man, Her Body It...9 views today
Jayme Closs 11235 24 October 2018 2 - 10/24/2018 From All Thee Dream Drawings (dd's) This Is The Trailer Jayme Clo...9 views today
Jayme Closs 11236 24 October 2018 3 - 10/24/2018 From All Thee Dream Drawings (dd's) This Is The Trailer Jayme Clo...9 views today
11304 7 November 2018 5 - Jayme Closs, Police Are Withholding This Item, Someone Knows When She Had This, Drugs (meth) A...9 views today
Jayme Closs Located 11196 17 October 2018 6 - Please Visit My Site News For More Details On This Case At https://Brians...9 views today
11367 25 November 2018 4 - He'S Taking Another Girl, Trailer, December 2018...9 views today
Jaymee Closs Missing 11414 5 December 2018 7 - 12/5/2018 BrianLadd.Org - Jaymee Closs, These 6 Dd'S Come From Dream...9 views today
Kelsey Berreth Missing Woman Found 11388 30 November 2018 5 - Kelsey Berreth Ford F150, Numbers, Pretty Sure This Is Rel...9 views today
Alyssa Motsinger Missing Woman Case Found 11439 10 December 2018 2 - Alyssa Motsinger Missing Woman Case, Concrete Broke...9 views today
Edith Blais Found Luca Tacchetto 11529 3 January 2019 2 - Love And Catholic Church Edith Blais Found, Was Separated Fro...9 views today
Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Found Dream Number 12160 16 September 2019 1 - Dulce Maria Alavez Missing Child Located...9 views today
12501 25 December 2019 2 - Early Life 2...9 views today
Timmothy Pitzen Found 12501 25 December 2019 2 - Early Life 2...9 views today
Harley Dilly Search Map Psychic Brian Ladd 12579 11 January 2020 1 - Harley Dilly Search Map Data From 5 Dream Sketches...9 views today
Missing Boy Josiah Brantley Located Safe At This Location - Request: Lucid Dream On June 29th, 2020 4:32 Pm Est More At...9 views today
The Sodder Children Maurice Martha Louis Jennie And Betty This Is The Man Responsible For The Sodder Childrens Death Her...9 views today
This Is About The Deaths Of Danny And Kathy Freeman Ashley Freeman And Lauria Bible The Map Shows Where Le Should Look A...9 views today
Missing Man Alejandro Castillo Arrested She Is With Him 13318 16 July 2020 1 2 - Missing Man Alejandro Castillo Arrested...9 views today
Current Location For Fbis Most Wanted Arnoldo Jimenez Numbers And Other Details On The Dd - Current Location For Fbi...9 views today
Amy Wroe Bechtel Discovered By Ex Family Member Kinnear Wyoming Numbers And Location On Dream - Amy Wroe Bechtel Discove...9 views today
Missing Stephanie Hollingsworth Found This Church At He Did This Not Telling The Truth He Was There Numbers Lake Conway ...9 views today
Missing Stephanie Hollingsworth Found By This Church Numbers - Missing Stephanie Hollingsworth Found By This Church - Nu...9 views today
Missing Teen Kayla Villegas Located In Montopolis Numbers See Ma - Missing Teen Kayla Villegas Located In Montopolis - N...9 views today
Missing Girl Kobie Holiman Found Went By Power Station 76 On The Way To Durant Numbers She Needs To Be Found Now - Missi...9 views today
Missing Man Thomas Hughes She Goes To The University But Does Not Take Classes Anymore He Dropped This While Climbing - ...9 views today
Alexis Cavazos Found He Met Her 10 Times Before At This Restaurant B 7136070 2143249464 - Alexis Cavazos Found - He Met ...9 views today
Kyron Horman Missing Boy Located Safe In Scappoose Oregon She Tried To Contact Terri Horman But She Didn T ...9 views today
Praia Da Luz Madeleine Mccann Found Alive Tunnel To The Cellar Police Will Search The Wrong Area She Is Alive For Now Ju...9 views today
Ryan Larsen Found They Moved The Container When The Water Meets The Wood Marker Concrete Block Let Him Go - Ryan Larsen ...9 views today
Summer Wells Located Going To Take Another In July Washing Hands Numbers - Summer Wells located - going to take another...9 views today
Phil Kreycik Located Did Not Fall She Knew He Was Going Went To Freemount Off Mowry Road Numbers Not What She Thinks Num...9 views today
Boca Chica Beach to going to Merida Mexico - Faro Bagdad - police find the hat and this bottle - numbers - Brian is here now - see a dream from September 29th 2021 as the address is the same - Brian will be here either today or tomorrow - no change 9 views today
Miya Marcano and Jennifer Kesse missing woman located - Armando has killed three times before - not bipolar - numbers - cant breath - no pain - why - Armando is going to kill himself - the 2 other bodies are at - Jennifer Kesse remains location 378 feet 9 views today
Brian Laundrie found9 views today
She made him do it? Brian - numbers - three murders maybe Brian Launder and as far as I know, she has not been arrested https://briansprediction.com/Brian-Laundrie-found9 views today
Lina Sardar Khil found, numbers, to save time this is that location...9 views today
Harmony Montgomery found - the one that took is helping to look for her - the attic of this home - KM arrested - numbers...9 views today
Laila Weaver missing girl located 1/2 mile, from where he had the fight? numbers - Livingston Field Park.9 views today
Lina Sardar Khil missing girl found safe - they wanted a child numbers same adoption agency...9 views today
Ayla Reynolds Missing Dd 1 Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - With Zero Doubt This Is the Fort Lauderdale Airportshooter...8 views today
Royal Marquis Jeffrey Missing Map Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - On August 29, 2017, at 6 Am Jst, North Korea Launch...8 views today
Lisa Renee Irwin Missing Map Psychic Brian Ladd April 29 2018 - Marilane Carter Was Murdered, He Was Here, He Has Proof,...8 views today
4860 Lindsey Baum - Missing From Mccleary, Wa Since June 26, 2009. Lindsey Was Born July 7, 1998. She Was Last Seen At 9...8 views today
4891 Madeleine Mccann 2018 Psychic 2 - The Guilt Of Guessing If He Did It Is Unbearable. Old Case At https://Brianspre...8 views today
Natalie Holloway located...8 views today
5079 Etan Kalil Patz Missing Psychic - From All 4 Dd'S, Etan Kalil Patz, Wires Everywhere Did Not Go To The School ...8 views today
6080 Trenton John Duckett Opened 5 18 2019 By Psychic Brian Ladd - June 9, 2018, Trump at G7, Misses Macron Meeting, Sug...8 views today
157962055 1455015905 Dorothy Ann Distlehurst Psychic Brian Ladd - Monday, May 17th - Starts Here - Breaking...8 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 55Xhmrlngjfobcw3Ez43Ohoxae Found Psychic - On May 22nd, 2017 a Suicide Bombing Was Carried Out a...8 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 0731 Missingperson 1624599 640X360 Found Psychic - On May 22nd, 2017 a Suicide Bombing Was Carri...8 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 1533266260 95 Family Of Missing Iowa Woman Mollie Tibbetts Fear Kidnapping Offer 172K Reward Fou...8 views today
Mollie Tibbetts Missing 694940094001 5817483067001 5817480538001 Vs Found Psychic - It's on the Roof - Dream Number...8 views today
10885 7 August 2018 3 - 8.12.18 I Have Not Left To Go To Iowa Yet, Its Pretty Far From Where I Live Psl Florida, Plus S...8 views today
10910 11 August 2018 4 ~3 - Q 45 Red Notebook, The Dog Knows Where? The Dog In Question Is Not A Search Or Cadaver Dog,...8 views today
10915 12 August 2018 1 - 8.22.2018, I Have Heard The Awful News That Mollie Was Found Dead, Very Sad Situation. I Have ...8 views today
Anna Maciejewska Located 11040 8 September 2018 2 - (from 2 Dds) Anna Maciejewska, This Man Put A Bog Over Ann'A He...8 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Dk Ly9Ouuaa0Rno Sychic Brian Ladd - In August Of 2017, 25-Year-Old Jenna Van Gelderen Was Housesittin...8 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Images Q3Dtbn And9Gct0Xbbpjne8Wgf Gstv2Pw84Jhqid1Vwy 6Dqpkwgwgmjl4M Qb0A Sychic Brian Ladd - In Augus...8 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Maxresdefault Sychic Brian Ladd - In August Of 2017, 25-Year-Old Jenna Van Gelderen Was Housesitting/...8 views today
Jenna Van Gelderen Nat 41184 1 Sychic Brian Ladd - In August Of 2017, 25-Year-Old Jenna Van Gelderen Was Housesitting/Pe...8 views today
Michael Chambers Did Not Kill Himsel 11065 11 September 2018 10 - Michael Chambers Did Not Kill Himself, He Had To Go Or...8 views today
Maddox Scott Ritch Found 11100 25 September 2018 1 - This Is The Exact Spot Of The Item Mentioned In My Past Dd'S D...8 views today
Craig Allen Frear Found 11168 12 October 2018 3 - Craig Allen Frear Is Alive And Happy, His Family Lives Off Walkley Roa...8 views today
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