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Dream number 14221 25 December 2020 2 psychic prediction134 views todayFort Funston car falls off here - see last 2 months dreams - numbers are the same, well the first set of numbers.
Dream number 14112 30 November 2020 4 psychic prediction131 views todayMissing girl Zia Byakika located safe - right where she said she was going to be - she left here there while she went with him - Walmart not target - numbers - by Almeda mall - red car

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Dream number 14163 10 December 2020 4 psychic prediction131 views todayUSA Lottery numbers - play when you see this no matter the date and please share winning numbers are 33 4 7 29 41 bonus 16 - now pay attention to upcoming lottery draws and see how close these numbers right before they hit! again person picks at https://briansprediction.com/win
Dream number 14127 3 December 2020 3 psychic prediction130 views todayNow, numbers, bonus.
Dream number 14179 15 December 2020 4 psychic prediction130 views todayEuromillions lottery numbers - in order - use exactly this way. Brian
Dream number 14078 22 November 2020 1 psychic prediction129 views todaystock RNVAW
buy at .0011 sell at $383.22
Dream number 14225 26 December 2020 2 psychic prediction129 views todayQ - missile attack in Nashville was from this drone - Anthony Quinn Warner dies for the cause - in his name is the hidden message the deep state's fears - read my lips - qanon - Anthony Quinn Warner equals ANthONy Q WARner equals ANON Q WAR - the remaining letters are code for the next Deep State attack - Trump is trying to stop this and if Biden takes over Q will activate - the remaining letters spell THY NER - THY is the company Turkish Airlines - NER is code of ner machine learning which is what was used in the Dominion voting software algorithms - Sidney Powell is not who she seems - this is important and she did not hang herself in her jail cell on March 15th 2021
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Dream number 13988 4 November 2020 4 psychic prediction128 views todayProud Boys killer - numbers.
Dream number 14062 18 November 2020 2 psychic prediction128 views todayJesus is real and he loves you.
Dream number 13588 9 September 2020 8 psychic prediction127 views todayThese numbers are for either the Powerball or Mega millions Lottery numbers for the next 2 months...sorry I do not know the exact date as I can't read my own handwriting.
Dream number 13997 5 November 2020 5 psychic prediction127 views todayHate shooter - numbers.
Dream number 14001 6 November 2020 4 psychic prediction126 views todayDead.
Dream number 14005 7 November 2020 1 psychic prediction124 views todaymark levin arrested at home - he did not see this coming - Trump will not pardon him.
Dream number 13993 5 November 2020 1 psychic prediction123 views todayKaimilani Teixeira was by wild island - friend lives by this church - found safe - numbers - Monroe street

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Dream number 14142 6 December 2020 3 psychic prediction123 views todayJennifer Farber Dulos missing women remains located - the dog needs to go back - cell 401 he told him the exact location of where he cut her and burned the body? numbers - look again - here is where this dog will find her - the dog has been there before - assuming this is a police search dog - Irwin Park stones - use a metal detector - cctv - ask again she helped - trinity lake 15 feet from the south shore.

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Dream number 14166 11 December 2020 2 psychic prediction121 views todayJesus is coming - carry off - no he's not.
Dream number 14007 7 November 2020 3 psychic prediction120 views todayDenmark is ground zero for the new coronavirus mutation is 65% lethal to humans- right now its mutating in minks and in 37 days the first human will be infected with COVID 20? The new covid will affects cats in Europe and then in the USA - the US culls 200 million cats suspected of the new coronavirus mutation.
Dream number 14053 16 November 2020 1 psychic prediction119 views today9179513862 - love - arrests made over fake election ballots - trump wins the election - not sure.
Dream number 14061 18 November 2020 1 psychic prediction119 views todayBill Barr pardon overturned by supreme court - suicide is real it was not murder.
Dream number 14167 11 December 2020 3 psychic prediction118 views todayStay out of weak structures 36 hours before and after December 21st 2020 - a day we will all remember but for something no one thought would happen - this is not about the upcoming quake - not sure what it means.
Dream number 14228 27 December 2020 2 psychic prediction118 views todayIn the sky - an alien UFO nightmare.
Dream number 13729 1 October 2020 1 psychic prediction117 views todayMissing girl Morgan Nick is still alive is still suffering from her mental illness - its a genetic disease and another family member has it - she is not missing - 5013197018 - he took care of her until august - they went to frog bayou - numbers - this was him back then - she was held in this shed in webber falls - she is currently living with 3 other people from Mexico at this home in LittleRock AR - she is alive and I know it (from 2 lucid dreams dated 10 - 1 - 2020)

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Dream number 13926 27 October 2020 1 psychic prediction117 views todayAll ballots cast in the continental USA must be counted on election day only - elections clause in the constitution page 1374 - Donald Trump wins Supreme Court challenge and Nancy Pelosi is removed from office.
Dream number 14052 15 November 2020 7 psychic prediction117 views todayUS Navy attacks The Natanz nuclear facility in Iran - numbers - war with Iran and first missile impact NYC in 52 days - Trump starts a war with Iran - the first event will happen in days.
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