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14 May 2022 2   UFO Nightmare, ever so often I have this nightmare about alien ships arriving and making some sort of pattern in the sky...this is an awful feeling.... 16 May 2022 1  Upcoming ride accident, numbers... 16 May 2022 2   Helicopter crash, numbers... 4 May 2022 1 June lottery numbers...I'm almost sure of these as it was from a dream, not a Lucid one... 11 May 2022 3   61322541 play now... 11 May 2022 2   Madeleine McCann is located on the beach of light at Praia da Luz Portugal, 327 meters from the entrance... 1408 04 April 2006     - Maura Murray Found (I Hope So and I'm Driving Up There to Search by Myself) - Dream Number... ABarrera missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 11 May 2022 1  South Africa Lottery, I cant read them all... 96UMFL1 missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 ATucker missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 16 June 2021 5 Grb Is About To Hit Earth Numbers  - GRB is about to hit earth - numbers.... A crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival in Houston killed eight people and injured dozens more on November 5th, 2021, without any doubt this dream from November 3rd is related -I'm not going to translate this due to its nature and upcoming events 4871 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S:  This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol... 4 May 2022 2  Terrorist attack not hate? PG face is everywhere, j date 22134, more numbers,.  this is the same dream from April of this year... 10863 4 August 2018 3 - This Is the Man From the Uk Burning Down Trump Owned Properties - Dream Number 9478 29 October 2... 11356 23 November 2018 4 - Igor Konashenkov Murdered By This Ukrainian Man  Dream Number 11356 23 November 2018 4 Psychi... 5792 August 14 2014 4 - Peter Herschend Resigns After Kkk Membership Leaked O the Media, Stone Mountain 'i Have a D... Harmony Montgomery found - the one that took is helping to look for her - the attic of this home - KM arrested - numbers... 14 May 2022 1   Dog saves life, TV?? 22 Oct 2021 2 October 25th at ?4 pm... Andrew Peacock missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 5285 December 26 2013 1 - Farooq Sheil  .?... 6222 27 December 2014 2 - Government of China Kills Millions New Swine Flu Sweeps Through China Killing Over Million Bef... 5229 Missing Case New Details Added 2017 - 42 Years, Looks Young? Shaved Beard? The Shed Is Sound Proof and He Is Stayin... 5234 Missing Case New Details Added 2017 - Kathleen, This Is the Officer the Officer That Pulled Over  Maura Murray 2 Mo... Missing Person Maura Murray Dream Number 6913 24 September 1 By Psychic Brian Ladd - This Was a Public Request From well... 11 Oct 2021 4  21 days, numbers, Edgar Cayce   not sure... 1407 04 April 2006 - 2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombing, 4 Days After This Dream More Than 50 People Died, Numbers on the D... 6 May 2022 1  Brittanee Drexel found here, killed 3 women, numbers, (same details as open case file in 2021) 

One month, April 2022, later and this dream about the USA Powerball Lottery almost came true!!  Play album slideshow


This dream from March 5th 2022 may be the man accused of setting a fire at a Home Depot on April 9th of the same year, to me, my drawing looks like the man but the rest of the dream does not seem to make any sense.  Play album slideshow


Bob Dole dies on December 5th, 2021 - this may be him but dream says Robert  Play album slideshow


The Oxford High School shooting on November 30th 2021 was predicted by a dream from November 15th. 21st and 28th. I cannot say any more of this other than just read the DD's closely  Play album slideshow


Again!! USA Powerball, look at these 2 dreams from earlier this month! 666 won and so did 20 plus people! Next month is 777, just search past dreams for the rest!  Play album slideshow


2021 Waukesha Christmas parade car rampage, Without a doubt this dream from November 18th, 2021 is related, if you're interested in helping with this, please research other data on the dream.  Play album slideshow


Missing girl Cleo Smith located - these dreams are related and may have helped locate her.  Play album slideshow


A crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival in Houston killed eight people and injured dozens more on November 5th, 2021, without any doubt this dream from November 3rd is related -I'm not going to translate this due to its nature and upcoming events.  Play album slideshow


Missing child Elijah Lewis located, sadly this dream came true, the locations on these 2 separate dreams seem to match the exact area where she was found  Play album slideshow


The death of Halyna Hutchins maybe related to this dream in May of 2020 and October of 2021  Play album slideshow


Alec Baldwin murder and arrest? no clue but this dream from October 20th 2021 is just crazy  Play album slideshow


October 20th 2021 The remains of missing and wanted man Brian Laundie are located near this lighthouse, the same lighthouse that has been in over 20 dreams related to this case. There is a much more important event to take place, these are the link...  Play album slideshow


Dream on October 9th 2021 says Million Day Lottery 44 36 49 51 3 - on October 11th 2021 this is that lotteries results 3 36 44 49 51  Play album slideshow


Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 strikes south of Hawaii Island Naalehu on October 10th 2021 USGS  Play album slideshow


La Palma Mega Ttsuanmi information and when it will happen - the entire east coast of The United States will be hit with a Mega Tsunami reaching over 1,000 feet high  Play album slideshow


This dream from October 4th, 2021 maybe related to a highschool shooting that happened on October 6th, 2021 and that's all I'm going to say on this,  Play album slideshow


October 7th 2021 - Leilana Graham was found safe!  Play album slideshow



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