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14 May 2022 2   UFO Nightmare, ever so often I have this nightmare about alien ships arriving and making some sort of pattern in the sky...this is an awful feeling.... 16 May 2022 1  Upcoming ride accident, numbers... 16 May 2022 2   Helicopter crash, numbers... 4 May 2022 1 June lottery numbers...I'm almost sure of these as it was from a dream, not a Lucid one... 11 May 2022 3   61322541 play now... 11 May 2022 2   Madeleine McCann is located on the beach of light at Praia da Luz Portugal, 327 meters from the entrance... 1408 04 April 2006     - Maura Murray Found (I Hope So and I'm Driving Up There to Search by Myself) - Dream Number... ABarrera missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 11 May 2022 1  South Africa Lottery, I cant read them all... 96UMFL1 missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 ATucker missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 16 June 2021 5 Grb Is About To Hit Earth Numbers  - GRB is about to hit earth - numbers.... A crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival in Houston killed eight people and injured dozens more on November 5th, 2021, without any doubt this dream from November 3rd is related -I'm not going to translate this due to its nature and upcoming events 4871 Maura Murray - From All 5 Dd'S:  This Is The Man Responsible For Her Death, I Think He Is Retired From The Pol... 4 May 2022 2  Terrorist attack not hate? PG face is everywhere, j date 22134, more numbers,.  this is the same dream from April of this year... 10863 4 August 2018 3 - This Is the Man From the Uk Burning Down Trump Owned Properties - Dream Number 9478 29 October 2... 11356 23 November 2018 4 - Igor Konashenkov Murdered By This Ukrainian Man  Dream Number 11356 23 November 2018 4 Psychi... 5792 August 14 2014 4 - Peter Herschend Resigns After Kkk Membership Leaked O the Media, Stone Mountain 'i Have a D... Harmony Montgomery found - the one that took is helping to look for her - the attic of this home - KM arrested - numbers... 14 May 2022 1   Dog saves life, TV?? 22 Oct 2021 2 October 25th at ?4 pm... Andrew Peacock missing - breaking news and psychic information as of October 2021 5285 December 26 2013 1 - Farooq Sheil  .?... 6222 27 December 2014 2 - Government of China Kills Millions New Swine Flu Sweeps Through China Killing Over Million Bef... 5229 Missing Case New Details Added 2017 - 42 Years, Looks Young? Shaved Beard? The Shed Is Sound Proof and He Is Stayin... 5234 Missing Case New Details Added 2017 - Kathleen, This Is the Officer the Officer That Pulled Over  Maura Murray 2 Mo... Missing Person Maura Murray Dream Number 6913 24 September 1 By Psychic Brian Ladd - This Was a Public Request From well... 11 Oct 2021 4  21 days, numbers, Edgar Cayce   not sure... 1407 04 April 2006 - 2017 Palm Sunday Church Bombing, 4 Days After This Dream More Than 50 People Died, Numbers on the D... 6 May 2022 1  Brittanee Drexel found here, killed 3 women, numbers, (same details as open case file in 2021) 

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