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This special blend of Organic Lions Mane mushroom extract, organic Reishi Mushroom powder, Chaga powder, and organic Turkey Tail mushroom extract have been taken directly from several dreams I have had during the past several years.


Misc dream drawings and more


10-9-21 I taught my cat to roll over


A bird bit me on my daily jog


Public Lottery Picks for September 2021


Gold Maps - exact locations where you can find real gold. All maps use information from my dreams and map dousing


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10 4 20 This is important and it's totally free and harmless to try - print this dream drawing - fold it in half and place inside your pillowcase - forgot about it for one week


8/31/2020 I'm staying in the hospital for 2 days, I have my phone with me my aortic aneurysm is getting bigger, that's not a good thing Will still be posting dreams and doing other work


I found the cat in the poster I called the numbers but it was disconnected


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