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Dream number 12915 30 March 2020 9 psychic predictionTrump asks Boris Johnson to take hydroxychloroquine
it almost kills him on April 8th, 2020. This is about the upcoming death of Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson of the UK, his death is not from the coronavirus but a heart attack. (FYI, as soon as I get over this 'cold 'I'll try my best to figure out what some of these fever dreams are about)
Dream number 12915 30 March 2020 8 psychic predictionNext moth US predental candidate Joe Biden is set up by Donald Trump on a secretly recorded phone call that will be leaked to the media on April 7th of the same year, numbers (FYI, as soon as I get over this 'cold 'I'll try my best to figure out what some of these fever dreams are about)
Dream number 12914 30 March 2020 7 psychic predictionNumbers, may or may not be winning lottery numbers (FYI, as soon as I get over this 'cold 'I'll try my best to figure out what some of these fever dreams are about)
Dream number 12913 30 March 2020 6 psychic predictionMassive Chicago fire in 12 days (FYI, as soon as I get over this 'cold 'I'll try my best to figure out what some of these fever dreams are about)
Dream number 12912 30 March 2020 5 psychic predictionMike Roman killed by Trump, numbers.
Dream number 12911 30 March 2020 4 psychic predictionSomething important to happen on April 10th.
Dream number 12910 30 March 2020 3 psychic predictionMy pillow Parkinson's disease did not kill him, it was murder by the same man that was arrested for stalking him. This is man, see dreams from a few weeks ago about the death of mr pillow.
Dream number 12909 30 March 2020 2 psychic predictionCall tell her to read Luke 21:11
Dream number 12908 30 March 2020 1 psychic predictionUpcoming White House evacuation was caused by this man, it's no false alarm...he will kill **** if not stopped now.
Dream number 12907 29 March 2020 2 psychic predictionApril 2020 oil tanker car derailment (very important)
Dream number 12906 29 March 2020 1 psychic predictionAustralia lottery, you, play you will win (suggest if you're reading this in Australia...play now.
Dream number 12904 28 March 2020 1 psychic predictionDon't know.
Dream number 12905 28 March 2020 2 psychic predictionLove.
Dream number 12903 27 March 2020 2 psychic predictionShipping container explosion.
Dream number 12902 27 March 2020 1 psychic predictionNo accident March 31st, numbers.
Dream number 12901 26 March 2020 2 psychic predictionThe upcoming earthquake in North Korea is from a nuclear test, before 10 million die in Seoul ROK.
Dream number 12900 26 March 2020 1 psychic predictionIn the sky, they are here (UFO dream)
Dream number 12898 25 March 2020 1 psychic predictionHere.
Dream number 12899 25 March 2020 2 psychic predictionrichard burr heart attack, murder.
Dream number 12897 24 March 2020 6 psychic predictionTrump shuts down amazon warehouse, reopened after the murder of Amazon Executive d.S. ? numbers, murdered by NYC mod, May 7th, 2:21 AM.
Dream number 12896 24 March 2020 5 psychic predictionPaid to kill Lonnie Franklin, trash bag found in a cell, look inside? Stacy Peterson body is here, Scott Peterson paid 38.2 bit coins? to suffocate Lonnie Franklin? numbers (same exact dream from a year ago or so, see my open Stacy Peterson case, and her body still has not been located...again, see the map...I have the exact location marked)
Dream number 12895 24 March 2020 4 psychic predictionMonday, April 30th plane crash, cargo fitted center of balance.
Dream number 12893 24 March 2020 2 psychic predictionAnnie Graham Gigi Grahm breaking news,
Dream number 12894 24 March 2020 3 psychic predictionIt's OK to be happy.
Dream number 12892 24 March 2020 1 psychic predictionApril Pick 3 lottery numbers (USA ONLY) you will win.
Dream number 12891 23 March 2020 2 psychic predictionDealDash arrests include a 10-year-old kid? numbers.
Dream number 12890 23 March 2020 1 psychic predictionBilly Graham death is not related to the coronavirus, it was murder.
Dream number 12889 22 March 2020 5 psychic predictionMarch 27th fire, numbers.
Dream number 12888 22 March 2020 4 psychic predictionBrian, you have the virus, Edgar Cayce (this may be for me, but I'm not completely sure)
Dream number 12887 22 March 2020 3 psychic predictionTell Kevin to stay there.
Dream number 12886 22 March 2020 2 psychic predictionMarch 30th, 2020, Monday, explosion numbers.
Dream number 12885 22 March 2020 1 psychic predictionTimes Square fire, same ? April 17th, 2020 age 31, numbers.
Dream number 12877 19 March 2020 1 psychic prediction6 days, an awful accident.
Dream number 12878 19 March 2020 2 psychic predictionGlass in the sky, falling.
Dream number 12884 21 March 2020 2 psychic predictionHero.
Dream number 12883 21 March 2020 1 psychic predictionMarch 27th.
Dream number 12882 20 March 2020 4 psychic predictionBubbles in the sky bonus (as far as I know, there is no such lottery called this)
Dream number 12880 20 March 2020 2 psychic predictionKim Kardashian killed in an accident after being exposed? not sure if this is coronavirus related or not.
Dream number 12881 20 March 2020 3 psychic predictionWinning Euromillions numbers for April 2020
Dream number 12879 20 March 2020 1 psychic prediction27 days California.
Dream number 12875 18 March 2020 7 psychic predictionA duck.
Dream number 12876 18 March 2020 8 psychic predictionDrink blood? Trump numbers Guessing it says that drinking blood does not sure the coronavirus. (kinda obvious on this one)
Dream number 12874 18 March 2020 6 psychic predictionPlay online now!! -- 223 OZ Lottery (not a us lottery)
Dream number 12873 18 March 2020 5 psychic predictionStock BASWW buy at $0.0004 sell at $28.21 real stock...I checked OTC: BASWW
Dream number 12872 18 March 2020 4 psychic predictionLuke 21:11 Monday, March 23rd earthquake and fire (soon)
Dream number 12870 18 March 2020 2 psychic prediction5 days shooting suicide on Live Stream.
Dream number 12869 18 March 2020 1 psychic predictionday 6 6 3 night 7 2 3
Dream number 12868 17 March 2020 6 psychic predictionMy Pillow inventor Michael Lindell arrested? not sure...accident? death?
Dream number 12866 17 March 2020 4 psychic predictionUV Led flashlight can be used to kill the coronavirus on skin surfaces in seconds, must be exactly tuned at 276 nm (I have no idea if this dream is correct but 276 comes up allot DOG 276)
Dream number 12867 17 March 2020 5 psychic prediction7 8 8 ? - 16 37 42 Liberté égalité fraternité - I think its suppose to mean Liberty Equality Fraternity in french.
Dream number 12864 17 March 2020 2 psychic predictionUpcoming oil tanker derailment.
Dream number 12863 17 March 2020 1 psychic predictionJasmine Deen missing person found, bricks and pipes? Call , he was there and will do it again and kill her too?
Dream number 12865 17 March 2020 3 psychic predictionI had another dream about France last night, not sure if this is related or not.
Dream number 12862 16 March 2020 7 psychic predictionNatalee Holloway, a missing woman, is still alive and still in the same location. Barranquilla Colombia Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall (see my past dreams on this...the past 15 years of them) pt 2 exact location she was at - church

Natalee Ann Holloway (October 21, 1986 – disappeared May 30, 2005) was an eighteen-year-old American woman whose mysterious disappearance made international news after she vanished on May 30, 2005, near the end of a high school graduation trip to Aruba in the Caribbean.
Dream number 12860 16 March 2020 5 psychic predictionAmazon stock is going to crash, no idea why...it should be the opposite. Anyway, the bottom will be $362.10 or $362.16 (again, I don't own any stock or bonds)
Dream number 12861 16 March 2020 6 psychic predictionThe US DOW Stock Market bottoms at 16,366 or this is the time anyone reading this should buy stock (FYI I don't own a single stock)
Dream number 12859 16 March 2020 4 psychic predictionPlane crash on Monday, March 23rd 2020 at ? time local N?
Dream number 12858 16 March 2020 3 psychic predictionLook again, ears, Gannon found, this is the man who help find him? will add this to the case file at https://briansprediction.com/gannon/
Dream number 12857 16 March 2020 2 psychic predictionNatalee Holloway, a missing woman, is still alive and still in the same location. Barranquilla Colombia Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Hall (see my past dreams on this...the past 15 years of them)

Natalee Ann Holloway (October 21, 1986 – disappeared May 30, 2005) was an eighteen-year-old American woman whose mysterious disappearance made international news after she vanished on May 30, 2005, near the end of a high school graduation trip to Aruba in the Caribbean.
Dream number 12856 16 March 2020 1 psychic predictionThe leader of PETA is arrested, this is until scientists confirm the Coronavirus has now infecting dogs (this better not happen)
Dream number 12851 14 March 2020 8 psychic predictionSão Paulo massacre, ? deaths +55 13 3446-1041
Dream number 12855 15 March 2020 4 psychic predictionLevel of drugs was too high, dies of natural causes awaiting trial, James Inhofe Kay tells police? numbers US Senator Rodger Walker arrested at home on August 23, 2020, at 212 am (see past dreams from 2019)
Dream number 12854 15 March 2020 3 psychic predictionMarch 23rd police shooting, numbers.
Dream number 12853 15 March 2020 2 psychic predictionAnderson Cooper killed in a helicopter crash (see past dreams)
Dream number 12852 15 March 2020 1 psychic predictionDonald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Club undercover sec 'spy' as at the dinner, call (202) 551-4790.
Dream number 12843 13 March 2020 6 psychic predictionCyber attacks against Vatican City, both events before and after the pope's illness and death are from the same person, a close friend of the pope...also say the pope unexpected departure from his home is how he will contract the coronavirus, date and times on the dd.
Dream number 12842 13 March 2020 5 psychic predictionTravis AFB.
Dream number 12841 13 March 2020 4 psychic prediction1 mil cane Florida (not sure)
Dream number 12839 13 March 2020 2 psychic predictionThe Villages? Florida COV19 death toll is over million, Governor delay report on Trumps request, Lakewood river call
Dream number 12840 13 March 2020 3 psychic predictionApril, if you do not go back you will die.
Dream number 12838 13 March 2020 1 psychic predictionAustralia lottery numbers, 6 pattern (login for key)
Dream number 12837 12 March 2020 5 psychic predictionDiane is gong in the wrong direction.
Dream number 12836 12 March 2020 4 psychic predictionIt's' in the water, go back.
Dream number 12835 12 March 2020 3 psychic predictionCall 8004432821 55342
Dream number 12833 12 March 2020 1 psychic predictionGannon, look here again, 65 ire, cratched sign, 1/4 church, he came back to find it, he knows you know, Gannon Stauch missing child case at https://briansprediction.com/gannon
Dream number 12834 12 March 2020 2 psychic predictionUpcoming national curfew in the USA kills 316 people by LE?
Dream number 12850 14 March 2020 7 psychic predictionGannon Stauch found, look again, wire, concrete block, metal detector.

Gannon Stauch missing child case at https://briansprediction.com/gannon
Dream number 12849 14 March 2020 6 psychic predictionMarch 20th accident.

California earthquake....soon, see past dreams.
Dream number 12848 14 March 2020 5 psychic predictionThese are winning lottery numbers for this month and next (sorry about the paper it's all I had last night, and sorry about the brown spot) FYI - and this TP will not go to waste, it will be reused to fight the coronavirus :)
Dream number 12847 14 March 2020 4 psychic predictionPeople? numbers Italy.
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