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Dream number 13706 26 September 2020 6 psychic predictionLA shakes 3 times in the next 22 days
Dream number 13704 26 September 2020 4 psychic predictionXsport Global Inc stock by at .0001 sell at $21.33
Dream number 13703 26 September 2020 3 psychic predictionHouston city water confirmed Brain-Eating Amoebas found at the pumping station ? orders all people do not use the water? this is related to Naegleria fowleri being discovered across the USA and Mexico in the coming months - the is an act of terrorism.
Dream number 13705 26 September 2020 5 psychic predictionUpcoming train derailment.
Dream number 13702 26 September 2020 2 psychic predictionTrump starts a war over something he said in a debate? rescheduled?
Dream number 13701 26 September 2020 1 psychic predictionAmy Mullis was murdered by him - the plastic is behind where she was found - this is about 15 feet behind this structure - it will prove she was murdered - police found this object but missed this - not what they think - todd was not there

case at https://briansprediction.com/amy-mullis
Dream number 13709 26 September 2020 10 psychic predictionSee a dream from 2 weels ago - Russia hacks Florida 911 on the day most people reviewed their mail-in ballots - law and order is suppose to scare American into voting for Trump - cozy bear - Taras Kulakov - login to view.
Dream number 13700 25 September 2020 3 psychic predictionDelta Park shooting was not PB - Russian agent - numbers - was on cctv buying paint - 5032058844 - this should happen this or next month

the number is a Walmart at 1123 Hayden Meadows Drive, Portland, OR 97217
Dream number 13699 25 September 2020 2 psychic predictionMakenzie Vega found safe numbers found by fl church 41

case at https://briansprediction.com/makenzie-vega
Dream number 13696 24 September 2020 4 psychic predictionTrafalgar Square lion
Dream number 13697 24 September 2020 5 psychic predictionAngara Airlines crash flight number
Dream number 13698 25 September 2020 1 psychic predictionIn the sky, UFO nightmare again.
Dream number 13690 23 September 2020 1 psychic predictionThe Family International upcoming mass suicide, he did not start this, nuimbers

case at https://briansprediction.com/the-family-international

The Family International Children of God cult these are the members I'm not sure where this will happen
Dream number 13694 24 September 2020 2 psychic predictionElizabeth Garrow missing woman located - three flags? - water is everywhere - red bricks and numbers - hall of fame - not an iPhone (according to the this is the exact location of an item of hers it does not mean she is dead, hopefully)

New York 13032
43.088316, -75.748059

case at https://briansprediction.com/elizabeth-garrow
Dream number 13693 24 September 2020 1 psychic predictionWhen you read this play your local pick 3 lotteries using one of these 2 sets of numbers, does not matter when you're reading this - trust me play now.
Dream number 13695 24 September 2020 3 psychic predictionNumbers, satanic Portland antifascists.
Dream number 13691 23 September 2020 2 psychic predictionPlane crash Olena Kiyashko overheard the phone call 380574622700 cadet H S this is the man who stalled the air crash tail numbers Ukraine cadet is a CIA spy wrong runway 34 - and this is the same dream as last month, exactly including the numbers (going to happen soon.
Dream number 13692 23 September 2020 3 psychic predictionVolodymyr Zelensky did not survive the crash - it was the CIA not Russia Special Ops numbers.
Dream number 13692 23 September 2020 5 psychic predictionNot sure what this is but its going to happen on September 30th, 2020
Dream number 13692 23 September 2020 4 psychic predictionProud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, killed in an accident - the smoke killed him - not fire - stand back stand by? PB Trump orders hit - civil wars starts nov 10 2.3 M Americans die phone numbers (assuming 2020, search this site for more on this dream)
Dream number 13689 22 September 2020 7 psychic predictionThe international space station is destroyed by an object the size of a baseball, this is not debris it's from a new Russian sat killer satellite - the object drawn in this dream hits the Zvezda module in ? days.
Dream number 13688 22 September 2020 6 psychic prediction3 more days water
Dream number 13687 22 September 2020 5 psychic predictionThe sun, the sun is about to experience major electrical storms - satellites completely destroyed basically the sun is not happy - or will be.
Dream number 13686 22 September 2020 4 psychic predictionThe remains of Crystal Ann Tymich located - van ness parks numbers - to save time here is that location on a map

South Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA
33.989887, -118.318654

case at https://briansprediction.com/crystal-ann-tymich
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