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psychic prediction 7359 7 july 2016 4 ladd43 views todayMy dad is coming to stay from Washington State will not be here...well I will but not doing this :) Will use my phone to scan dream drawings for the next few days and post when I get a's been really hard on all of us. My mom will be here in a few weeks, with the dog :)
Will translate the best I can then. Brian
psychic prediction 7385 9 july 2016 5 ladd43 views todayred flag lloyd
psychic prediction 7387 10 july 2016 2 ladd43 views todayI LOVE NYC 30th July 2016
psychic prediction 7399 13 july 2016 4 ladd43 views today6lol 15 40 49 1 20 18 28
psychic prediction 7464 14 august 2016 1 ladd43 views todayGod did this
psychic prediction 7527 16 august 2016 1 ladd43 views todayUS Terroist cell, NYC Texas, (888) 489-3969
psychic prediction 7550 24 august 2016 3 ladd43 views todaydrug paper bag love gun in the water Eggleston Ave Chicago
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Psychic prediction 7785 17 October 2016 2 by Brian Ladd43 views todayon October 21st NetFlix Stock's price will start to fall, it will continue to fall until it reaches $6.20 a share, I'm not sure how many days or even weeks it will take until it hits bottom, but the start of the fall in on the 21st.
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